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Polish Cloth (DAPC1)

This Mandolin Store Untreated Polish Cloth is made from high-quality cotton flannel.  

Our Price: $2.99
Polish Cloth

Item in stock!  113 available

Humidifier - Oasis - Mandolin (OH26)

This humidifier is a modified version of our OH-6 case humidifier. It is shorter than the OH-6, so it can stand upright in a mandolin case.   

List Price: $20.95
Our Price: $19.99
You Save: $0.96 (5%)
Humidifier - Oasis - Mandolin

Item in stock!  13 available

Humidifier - Oasis Case Plus - Mandolin Family (OH14+)

While not designed specifically for the mandolin, this is an excellent choice for humidifying mandolin and mandolin family instruments

Our Price: $19.99
Humidifier - Oasis Case Plus - Mandolin Family

Item in stock!  5 available

Polish - String Cleaner (kds100)

 Cleans conditions and greatly improves playing ease. Also enhances strings life. 

List Price: $5.95
Our Price: $5.49
You Save: $0.46 (8%)
Polish - String Cleaner

Item in stock!  4 available

Humidifier - Oasis Plus - Guitar (OH5+)

You can see when oasis® is ready for refill - Won't leak due to overfilling - Two levels of leak protection - Long lasting humdification    

Our Price: $19.99
Humidifier - Oasis Plus - Guitar

Item in stock!  4 available

Polish - Lemon Oil (KDS800)

Dr. Stringfellow, lemom oil - oil Cleans, protects and rejuvenates fingerboardboards. 4 oz bottle.  

List Price: $5.95
Our Price: $5.49
You Save: $0.46 (8%)
Polish -  Lemon Oil

Item in stock!  3 available

Hygrometer - Oasis (OH2)

The Oasis Digital Hygrometer accurately measures relative humidity

List Price: $32.95
Our Price: $24.99
You Save: $7.96 (24%)
Hygrometer - Oasis

Item in stock!  3 available

Humidifier - Humigel Replacement Kit (OH4)

Replacement Humigel for Oasis humidifiers

Our Price: $5.99
Humidifier - Humigel Replacement Kit

Item in stock!  2 available

Polish - Dunlop 65 (D654)

 Dunlop 65 - Polish

Our Price: $5.99
Polish - Dunlop 65

Out of stock

Care and Feeding
Gradual changes in humidity and temperature will generally not harm a well-made instrument. At The Mandolin Store we keep our shop at 49% relative humidity and a temperature of 75 degrees. So if you keep your instrument pretty close to these ranges, you should have no problems. The biggest danger caused by humidity and temperature changed is rapid or extreme changes.  That’s because different parts of the instrument shrink and expand at different rates. For example, if your local humidity drops very rapidly, the instrument cannot acclimate itself uniformly, causing cracks or failure of glue joints in different areas as it tries to "cope" with the drying situation. The same is true, in reverse, with high humidity. Extreme temperatures also can cause problems. Cold cools the lacquer can may cause finish cracking while heat weakens glue

Symptoms of Improper Humidity

An instrument that absorbs too much moisture, through high humidity, expands and swells. This distorts the geometry of the instrument and, consequently, its tone and playability. Add high temperature, and humidity can weaken glue joints and even cause them to fail. With prolonged exposure, the glue under the bridge will weaken, allowing the bridge to pull off. Telltale signs of a "wet" instrument:

• High action
• Swollen top
• Fret buzzing in the high registers
• Distorted back and sides
• "Tubby," muffled tone, low volume
• Finish cracks
• Bindings separated

Overly dry conditions, or lack of sufficient humidity, can be equally detrimental to your instrument, causing the wood to shrink and crack. It can also cause poor tone and improper intonation. In dry regions (mountainous or desert areas) or northern climates, where heated air is common in winter, simple instrument humidifiers may not be sufficient. Room or household humidifiers may be necessary to maintain a proper environment. Telltale signs of a "dry" instrument:

• Lowered action
• Fret buzzing and lifting
• Fret ends sticking out from the fingerboard
• Dips in the top or back
• Finish and/or wood cracks

                       What to Do to Prevent Problems
Keep your instrument in its case when you’re not playing it. Most cases are virtually air tight – it’s easier to control humidity in a smaller volume of air.
• Purchase a home hygrometer/thermometer to keep tabs on the relative humidity and temperature. Adjust your home environment as necessary. Plants and humidifiers add moisture in dry winter months. Air conditioning controls humidity in the hot, muggy summer months.
• Avoid storing your instrument near sources of hot, dry air (such as forced hot air heating ducts), or cold, damp areas (garages, basements, closets with outside walls).
• Never, ever, transport your instrument in a car trunk. Temperatures inside car trunks are extreme in any kind of weather. It’s the quickest way to destroy a guitar. Even in the passenger compartment your guitar can be subjected to extreme temperatures. For example, please allow your instrument to warm up slowly before opening your case in a warm room after being transported in a cold vehicle. Abrupt changes in temperature can cause finish crazing.
• When traveling cross country, keep in mind changes in local humidity – and protect your instrument accordingly.
• We recommend Oasis humidifiers that fit inside the sound hole or case

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